Career Management

36: Music Marketing and Why You’re Doing It Wrong (Musician Indie Coalition)

Vadim talks to Greg and T.J. of Musician Indie Coalition about music marketing vs music promotion (and why you’re probably doing it wrong), what the real meaning of “brand” is for an indie musician, and more.

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26: How to Not Screw Up Your Next Release (Kareem Guy)

The guys talk to industry coach Kareem Guy about how to make sure you get paid for music, how to plan and promote your releases intelligently and how to maximize your social media impact.

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18: How (And Why) to Treat Your Band as a Business (James Cross)

The guys talk to James Cross of the Better Band Bureau on how to build your band into a sustainable business, how to properly plan for promoting your next release, how to spend your time effectively during the global pandemic, and more!

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