93: Different Types of Reverb

Reverb can seem simple…it’s just a washy effect, right? Sure. It could be that but it’s also so much more. From being your “backwards/forwards” lever, to creating texture, to adding thickness, to creating an illusion of space, reverb ends up being one of the most important parts of a well-crafted production. 

Oh. And there’s like a dozen different kinds. But don’t worry! On this episode, we’ll help you navigate this complicated landscape. 

On this episode you will learn:

  • About the different kinds of reverb and why the sound different form one another
  • 5 different reasons to reach for a reverb plug-in in a mix
  • Workflow best-practices (and why some of them are over-rated)
  • Key reverb parameters, what they do and how to set them

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