90: Working in Headphones and Possibly the Best Ear Buds in the World

90: Working in Headphones and Possibly the Best Ear Buds in the World

Critical listening is the ultimate skill of the recording enthusiast and headphones are the tool we trust most to enable this skill.

Why? Well, because most of us are not working in ideal spaces and it’s much easier to get an objective (and affordable) perspective in headphones.

But what kind of headphones should we use? The answer depends in large part on application – although some designs do tend to serve us better than others.

If you asked me 4 months ago, I would have told you to stay away from ear bud designs in the studio. The sound quality out of those things just tends to be too poor for a studio reference tool (thought they’re obviously great for jogging, traveling, etc.,). However, today, our friends at Flare Audio have developed a new ear bud called the E Prototype which has completely blown me away.

In the first part of this episode, Vadim chats with Davies Roberts of Flare Audio about the problem with traditional headphone designs and how they were able to overcome them with the E Prototypes. In the second part Vadim talks about some best practices and tips and tricks for working in headphones in YOUR studio.

If you’re interested in the E Prototypes, buy them through our affiliate link:

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