89: How to Use Reference Tracks

Reference tracks. The internet forums are full of wisdom regarding using references (whether to or not, when, how, etc.,). 

References play an important part in the workflows of both Ben and Vadim – throughout the ENTIRE audio production process from ideas to final master. They’ve picked some of their favorite tips and best practices and share them on this episode. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to use references to aid your song-writing and producing process
  • Compelling reasons to use references
  • How to use references during recording to help choose tones
  • What makes a good reference (it’s more than just “a song you like”)
  • How to use references during mixing – including workflow tips down to the mechanics of pulling songs into your session
  • Additional hidden benefits of having a comprehensive list of reference tracks
  • A list of some of our favorite reference tracks in various genres
  • And more!

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