86: How to Set Up A Mixing Room

The room where you mix your music is a sacred space. A temple to your craft. It wants to be honest. It needs to be pleasant to spend long periods of time. 

On this episode you will get a solid, start-to-finish strategy for setting up (or refining) your mixing space. 

You will learn:

  • How to select a room
  • How to choose a listening position in that room
  • How to set up your speakers
  • Where to focus your acoustic treatment efforts
  • How to deal with pesky acoustics problems
  • What a “good” room measurement will look like
  • And more!

Resources we mention:

  • Room layout tool: https://roomplanner.com/
  • Room mode calculator: https://amcoustics.com/tools/amroc
  • Jesco’s Bass Hunter Technique: https://www.acousticsinsider.com/fixing-low-end-without-knowing-acoustics/
  • Low Frequency Sine Sweeps: https://cambridge-mt.com/ms/ch3/
  • Room EQ Wizard: https://www.roomeqwizard.com/

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