81: Music Theory 101 – Tempo, Meter and Key

Many of us had unpleasant run-ins with music theory through involuntary music lessons as kids but is it actually useful as a studio tool? Maybe. Sometimes. It’s a tool that can help you out of arrangement and production jams. Stuck trying to figure out which chord to play next in a progression? Need to get a bassline that will work with your vocal melody? Theory can help. 

In this episode, Ben takes us through the three basic elements of music theory: Tempo, Meter and Key. 

You will learn:

  • Why theory is becoming more and more important for the DIY bedroom producer
  • The definition of music theory – and why Vadim disagrees with it
  • How tempo relates to meter
  • How common meters dictate “feels” in Western music 
  • How to use meters to create unique arrangements – and some famous examples
  • The basics of keys and how they subdivide the 12 notes in music and allow the creation of a “mood”
  • The circle of fifths finally explained in a way that even Vadim can understand and how to use it to help you determine what key a piece of music is in

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