8: How to Record Awesome Vocals Every Time

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0:38 – Vadim reaches gear equilibrium
01:48 – Ben will not let Vadim off the hook that easily
5:00 – Band’s awesome band (Nephele) has an exciting announcement
7:40 – Ben’s plans for St. Patrick’s Day attire
11:10 – The vocal signal chain revisited. Where does the signal go?
15:30 – It starts with the vocalist. How to maximize the volca peformance.
22:25 – The secret tea that will improve your vocals
23:00 – How to handle your room acoustics when recording vocals
27:00 – Vocal baffles and microphone “screens”
29:30 – Use the mic polar pattern to your advantage
30:45 – Microphone types (Dynamic vs Condenser)
37:50 – A shootout example between an SM7b (dynamic) and WA87 (condenser) microphones – including trying to make one sound like the other
42:00 – Ben’s quick review of the Slate Virtual Microphone system
47:00 – Setting up the microphone for recording and how to deal with excessive sibiliance and plosives
55:00 – Should record vocals with EQ and compression going in or add that processing later?
61:01 – An example of a highly compressed vocal and what to listen for

Vadim’s compressed vocal example is from the band Non Fatal Bear Attacks (nonfatalbearattacks.bandcamp.com)

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