79: What’s in Your Templates and Why?

You know the feeling once you’ve felt it: that dragging in the back of your head when you just can’t believe you have to set up the routing on all of those guitar tracks AGAIN. Didn’t you just to do this for the last session? Can’t you just jump right into the fun part? 

When you feel that dread of session setup tedium, what you’re actually discovering is an opportunity to improve your workflow with templates. But that’s not all! For an unlimited time only, there are lots of different uses for templates that will make your life easier and your music production process more fun. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About the various types of templates available to us in the studio
  • What makes a template file type unique
  • Various ways to use template files
  • How to use a templated process without even creating a template file
  • How to identify opportunities for templatization 
  • The limits of templates
  • The reasons people often fail at using templates
  • Various tips and tricks from the guys’ own templates

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