71: Back to Basics: Stereo Width

We often want that big, wide stereo sound. It’s immersive. It’s massive. It’s what we hear in our head when we think about what our song should sound like. 

But what in the world is stereo width and how do you control it? 

What if you only have a mono source to work with? Can you still get that source to sound wide? Of course you can! You’re an audio wizard, aren’t you?!

On this episode you will learn:

  • What stereo is and why it actually has something to do with phase as well as volume
  • How your brain perceives sound spatially both in the real world and in headphones
  • Why a mono source sounds like it’s coming from a single place
  • How to use delays, reverbs and modulation effects to get stereo width
  • The pitfalls of using stereo tricks and how to minimize their effects
  • What the Haas effect is and how to live with it
  • The undisputed best way to achieve stereo width in a recording
  • Other tricks for getting an even wider sound
  • Some free plugins that will help you on your journey

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