70: Back to Basics: Plugins!

Ah plugins. Ubiquitous in he advertising feeds of all DIY music producers. These little bits of software seem to do magical things to audio and there’s so many of them! What are they? How do you use them? Got any sweet tips? You know we do!

On this episode, you will learn:

  • A bit about the history of plugins
  • About different plugin formats
  • Plugin versions vs. standalone versions of software
  • How emulations of classic hardware were developed and why plugins have gotten SO MUCH better of the last couple of years
  • When to use (and when to avoid) presets
  • About some cool free plugins that Vadim uses
  • Why always trying to push plugins hard can lead you to develop your unique sound
  • When to buy plugins and, more importantly, when to avoid buying plugins
  • And more!

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