7: How to Maximize the Power of Your Song Before Hitting Record

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3:40 – Teenage Vadim doesn’t need this episode
6:08 – The 5 Fundamental parts of a song
9:00 – How Ben and Vadim cheated their way through their early music education
13:00 – How to get power into your arrangments
17:40 – Tips for coming up with melodies
20:20 – You can never have enough vocal harmonies
22:00 – Instruments and the frequency spectrum
25:00 – Finally. A Spinal Tap reference
28:40 – Finally. A Lord of the Rings reference
30:00 – The risk of writing songs in many different keys
32:00 – Common song strong structures
42:00 – Controlling the energy throughout your song to keep the listener’s interest
51:40 – The guys decide to bring back the key change and discuss how to apply the principle to metal
54:00 – The only thing cooler than playing bass

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