64: DI Deep Dive and Shootout

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You probably have that one friend that swears by a piece of gear they saw in a video online. Ben has a friend like who made statement to the tune of: “you can only get great guitar tone by recording a signal through a good DI box”. 

Of course, the guys were skeptical. Is this true? Can you not get an equally great tone just plugging your guitar directly into the Hi-Z input on your interface? 

In this episode the guys discuss the theory and then put it to the test with some bass and guitar tone shootouts provided by Ben. 

You will learn:

  • Why an impedance mismatch can affect your tone and how this led to the invention of the DI box
  • What a DI box is and (roughly) how it works
  • What different types of DIs exist and what sets them apart
  • What are the use cases for a DI – irrespective of whether there is a tone benefit or not
  • How an active DI sounds compared to a passive DI
  • What to listen for when evaluating a DI tone
  • Why Vadim thought he knew about transformers but was actually wrong

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