62: Can You Trust What You’re Hearing? (Davies Roberts – Flare Audio)

62: Can You Trust What You’re Hearing? (Davies Roberts – Flare Audio)

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Every now and then you’ll hear a song or a sound that makes you back into a corner and clench your fists – at least figuratively. 

It’s happened to both Ben and Vadim with certain cymbal sounds on albums, the occasional synth solo and even day-to-day sounds like talking to someone on speaker phone. What is it about these sounds that causes such an intense reaction – even at relatively low volume levels? How come we can still enjoy a really loud concert at much higher SPLs without getting that same level of anxiety? 

Davies Roberts, founder of Flare Audio, says he can tell you EXACTLY what’s causing this: resonances in the actual structure of your ear which boost certain upper mid frequencies. He and the team at Flare Audio have been working to solve this problem and several other curious conundrums in the world of acoustics and sound. 

What does all of this mean for our productions and mixes? Take a listen!

On this episode you will learn:

  • About speaker technologies and why they’re less than ideal
  • How the ear’s organic structure creates resonant peaks in certain frequency bands and why we aren’t all hearing the same thing
  • How the ear’s organic structure is not optimized for hearing what we’re looking at
  • About some solutions Flare is developing to solve the issues above 
  • How this knowledge should or shouldn’t affect our engineering/production decisions
  • A bit about hearing loss and tinnitus and the challenges of developing solutions

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