61: Back to Basics – The DAW and What Features to Learn Next

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Do you remember how you picked your first DAW? 

For most of us, it’s something we just fell into. Maybe a DAW came with your interface. Maybe you had a version a friend gave you when you were 15 and now you’re just “used to it”. 

The good news is that it doesn’t much matter what DAW you’re using. The important part is to understand it well enough to make it a useful tool that you’re comfortable using quickly and accurately. 

On this episode, you will learn:

  • The basic functions of a DAW. What makes a piece of software a DAW?
  • About less common features that you may not have started exploring yet
  • How to prioritize which DAW features and functions you should be learning first and focusing on next
  • Some helpful tips and tricks for mapping grids and editing audio

Today’s DIY showcase is from Malcom Quinn from Doncaster, UK. It’s a song called Love and it’s about…..well….you’ll figure it out.

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