60: The Sound of Different Guitar Brands

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Ever wonder about the tonal difference between a Les Paul and Telecaster? Sure, these guitars LOOK different. You may even associate them with very different types of bands or genres but do they SOUND different? 

Guitars are expensive and most of us only own a choice few. Fortunately, on today’s episode, we get to play through some samples created by listener John Connor (thank you!) and finally compare some of the classic household names. 

This test can help us understand which guitar to choose for a certain project, or which guitar to put on our gear wish list!

Test Details:

  • Guitars
    • Epiphone Les Paul Standard
    • Gibson Les Paul Standard
    • Fender American Tele
    • Gretsch G5422TG
    • PRS SE Custom 24
  • Signal Chain Setup
    • All guitars have stock, passive pick-ups
    • Bridge pick-up on every guitar
    • All volume and tone knobs maxed out (wide open)
    • No pedals
    • Fender Blues Junior amp with EQ flat (all 12 o’clock positions)
    • Shure SM57 mic placed 3 inches from center of speaker cone
  • Beer
    • Dos Equis (John was trying to be as precise as possible with his test description)

Where to Find John Connor
Artist Name: John 3
Web site: www.john3music.com

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