6: How to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Sessions

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0:40 – Vadim’s metal last name revealed
1:10 – Vadim’s metal snake lips
4:10 – How Ben Prepares for a band session
13:30 – Setting up your DAW in advance and using session templates
15:30 – The importance of clear labeling
20:30 – How to get your mix engineer to love you
21:30 – Tracking strategy and punching in
26:00 – Strategies for tracking vocals
31:00 – How to get the tightest rhythmic performance possible. Should you track to a click?
37:00 – Recording the DI (Direct Inject) signals for Bass and Guitar
43:00 – What if you have to split a session into multiple sessions?
45:00 – The role of pre-production in an efficient recording workflow
50:30 – The importance of sexy bits
53:00 – The difference between art as recorded vs your art as performed live

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