58: The Guitar Tone Lexicon – Describing What You Hear

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Communicating about guitar tone (whether with your bandmates, your producer or even yourself) can be difficult. We’ve all heard terms like “crunchy”, “warm”, “beefy”, “nasally” but what do these terms mean? Are they part of a common guitar language that we can use to communicate to each other or are they purely subjective? Can we really train our ears to distinguish between these concepts? 

Have no fear. On this episode the guys talk about the language of guitar tone and will explain exactly how to train yourself to hear these different concepts and use them to sculpt the tones you’re working with. 

You will learn about:

  • Harmonic overtones and why the same note will sound different on different instruments
  • Why amps are a bit like instruments and why their tonal character can only be manipulated so much
  • The three basic types of guitar distortion and how to distinguish them
  • The four places in a guitar signal chain where distortion can happen
  • The 7 dwarves of tone and how to use them to start building your guitar tone lexicon
  • Different examples of tones to help reinforce the concept
  • And much more! This was an episode packed full of useful information

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