56: The Zen of Troubleshooting (Our Favorite Tips and Tricks)

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DIY Recording enthusiasts typically don’t have a ton of time on their hands. We’re busy! And studio time is precious. Often we only get an hour or two a day (or maybe even a week) to spend working on music in the studio and any time we spend in the studio NOT working on music can be incredibly frustrating. Maybe you planned to finally wrap up some vocals on that one song only to find that bugs and glitches have rendered your evening a waste! We all know this feeling and it SUCKS. The good news is that troubleshooting, like most things in the studio, is a skill. And, like most skills, having good fundamentals and techniques will help you perfect it faster. 

On this episode, we talk about various troubleshooting techniques and share some of our favorite tried and true go-to debugging methods. 

You will learn:

  • What to do before the session to minimize the chances that troubleshooting will ruin your recording day
  • Two approaches for troubleshooting a troublesome signal chain – The Series Method and the Sections Method
  • Methods for quickly eliminating problems during a session – including some quick “listen early adjust” guidelines
  • Different types of problems and where to start when encountering them
  • Common causes of hum and how to resolve them
  • Finding the offending track(s) in a busy session
  • The difference between using Mute and using Solo to find problems and when to use each. 
  • A common cause of low end not translating in your mix

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