55: Vocal Production Tips and Tricks (Brandon Tomei)

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In more genres than not, vocals are THE thing. The bread and butter. The enchilada. The rug that ties the room together. 

Nailing the vocal production can elevate a good song to greatness. Miss the mark on vocal production and even a great song will likely fail to capture people’s attentions. 

Luckily, the guys and Brandon Tomei are here to help! On this episode you will learn:

  • How to arrange a vocal melody and why it’s helpful to do so in a iterative process with the rest of the production
  • How to create layers of vocals to fill out your track
  • Where to “put” vocals spatially in the mix and some tips and tricks to push your recordings further
  • Thoughts on arranging vocal harmonies
  • How to use the concept of “open space” to build tension and create more satisfying transitions
  • The role vocal effects have in a modern vocal production
  • Strategies for getting the most out of a vocalist when you’re the engineer
  • Strategies for getting the most out of yourself when you’re the vocalist AND the engineer
  • Considerations for the originality of a vocal line and why it’s important not to over-think it TOO much
  • And more!

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