54: What Latency is and How to Deal with it

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We’ve all had the frustrating experience of being unable to record because of the slight delay between when play (or sing) a note and when we hear it back in our monitoring system. To make matters worse, sometimes it seems like the problem is worse than others! What’s going on?

This is called latency and it’s a reality in most studios – even professional studios. The good news is there are several ways to make this annoying problem go away. Of course, in DIY Recording Guys tradition, we first have to understand exactly what causes it. 

On this episode you will learn:

  • What latency is (through some helpful analogies)
  • Examples of where latency may manifest itself in your setup and how to recognize it
  • What causes the different types of latency we can run into
  • The relationship between sample rate, buffer size and latency (and what each of those things is!)
  • How much latency is acceptable in each situation and why it actually depends on the source instrument
  • Why latency is surprisingly less problematic for guitars
  • Over a dozen ways to reduce latency in your setup
  • The best vocal recording trick you’ve ever heard
  • And more!

Today’s DIY Showcase comes to us from Joshua Cassidy and Project Levram in Australia. 

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