53: Writing and Arranging for a Whole Band (Josh Doran)

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Way before you hit record and start committing those final noises to your hard drive, you need to arrange the “pieces” of a song. This can be daunting – especially when we’re talking about arranging music for a whole band’s-worth of musicians and a whole album’s-worth of music!

How do you go about arranging music for a whole band, writing meaningful lyrics and composing moving vocal melodies that you’ll be able to sing? How do you get technology to aid your creative process rather than hindering it? 

On this episode, we talk to Josh Doran of The Fading Light about these topics. You will learn:

  • How to build confidence in your lyric and song-writing skills
  • How to write engaging songs and let them go when they’re done instead of constantly revising them
  • How arranging can be an even more powerful technique than mixing for creating sonic landscapes
  • The importance of releasing music you’ve recorded
  • Unique strategies for recording complex music with multiple layers
  • How to collaborate with your band members and allow people the freedom to add to your creative vision
  • Why your rough demos and rough mixes can go a long way to getting you the finished product you’re looking for – even if you’re not happy with how they sound. 
  • An interesting technique for blending acoustic and electric guitars
  • Some cool advice for capturing ideas and writing songs

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