52: Back to Basics: Anatomy of an Interface

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The audio interface is kind of like the Grand Central stations of the typical DIY recording studio. All of the audio coming into and out of the computer needs to go through the interface. It’s an absolutely critical piece of a home recording studio but how well do you actually know your interface? Are there any features on it that you just ignore or aren’t sure exactly what to do with? 

On this “back to basics” episode, the guys do a deep dive on the anatomy of a typical audio interface – exploring and explaining all of the features and functions contained within this magical hub. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • An overview of the audio signal path into and out of an interface
  • A review of the key studio sub-components that are packaged together to create what we call an interface
  • The different types of input and output jacks commonly found on interfaces
  • The difference between the different signal level types
  • What phantom power is and when it should (and shouldn’t) be used
  • Different types of digital connections
  • What a digital clock is used for and why you probably don’t have to ever think about it
  • Examples of other “interfaces” you have in your studio right now without even knowing it
  • The difference between an interface and converters
  • And more!

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