51: Critical Listening – Possibly the Most Critical Producer Skill

51: Critical Listening – Possibly the Most Critical Producer Skill

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Have you ever played one of your productions for a friend or family member to get some critical feedback only to find out that they’re not really sure what you’re looking for? It’s probably because they haven’t been training themselves in the art (and science!) of critical listening. 

When YOU listen to music with a critical ear, you’re listening for something different than the casual listener – even if you don’t realize it. 

Critical listening is the skill we engage when we are trying to evaluate and understand specific elements of a production. It is skill that takes a bit of time and patience to develop and, in this episode, we will explain to you exactly how and why to develop this skill.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What critical listening is
  • The key differences between critical listening and regular listening
  • Situations in which it’s appropriate to apply critical listening
  • How to prepare yourself for critical listening
  • What specific questions and prompts to use to start honing your critical listening skills

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