49: Our Top 5 Recording Myths Busted in 2020

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Everyone has that list in their head. The list of the recording rules that “everyone” knows. The Recording Commandments. 

Of course, both recording technology and our own skill levels are constantly evolving. Therefore, it’s good to periodically question the “list in our head”. What techniques are worth another look? What preconceived notions were wrong to begin with? What “common sense” stuff can sometimes be thrown to the wind? 

On this episode Ben and Vadim discuss the list of personal myths they’ve busted in their studios in 2020. 

You will learn:

  • Why sometimes “more is more” – with respect to both arrangement and signal chain
  • Why the guys reach for real amps less than they did a year ago – but still occasionally
  • Why “clipping” is less of a dirty word than it used to be
  • Why shootouts are great – but not on every session
  • Why being less prepared for pre-production can sometimes be better
  • Whether there is such a thing as “too much” editing

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