47: So You Want to Produce Music for a Living?

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If you’ve been at recording for a while, you may find yourself thinking “I wonder if I can do this for money? Wouldn’t that be fun?”

This is pretty much what happened to Vadim and Ben. The road they’ve been on from DIY musician to trying to earn a living in the studio hasn’t been easy but it’s been full of learning, fun and the occasional surprise. On this episode they talk about their experiences.

You will learn:

  • How Vadim and Ben decided to make the leap into producing for other people (warning: it gets personal)
  • Why they’ve both had to redefine the word “success” – and why you should consider it as well
  • How producing for money has changed their relationship to gear
  • Why it turns out most people are screwing (and losing work) because of focusing on the wrong part of social interactions
  • How to work faster in the studio without sacrificing quality
  • Why the old adage “money follows speed” is true
  • The importance of documentation when you’re producing for other people
  • How level up faster through conscientious “debriefs” at the end of a project
  • And more!

Where to Find the Guys
The DIY Recording Guys Website – www.diyrecordingguys.com
Vadim’s Studio Site – Get your FREE test mix today! – https://calmfrogrecording.com
Benjamin’s Studio Site – https://dreamloudstudio.com
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