44: Comparing Different Mastering Options

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You’ve probably heard about online services that do mastering by algorithm. A number of different ones have popped up over the years. 

How do these services stack up to a professional master? Can an algorithm REALLY give you a professional quality master? What about DIY mastering? Can the algorithm beat that? 

On this episode, Vadim and Ben explore all of these options. They each took 3 mixes, had them mastered each of the different ways, labeled them generically and sent them to each other. They then listened to each others different versions independently and compared them. They also tried to guess which versions were the algorithm mastered ones. 

At times, the results were surprising! At other times? Not so much. 

Join in the fun of trying to guess which version was which as the guys banter about mastering in general and listen to the different versions. 

You will:

  • Get a brief overview of what mastering is (for more details, listen to Episode 23 first)
  • Learn about what goes into the decision of where to have your songs mastered
  • Hear the different versions and get to do a blind comparison of your own
  • Understand the factors that go into whether an algorithm ends up with a good master or not
  • Understand one major pro of going with a pro master – besides the quality of the finished product
  • Learn about the use cases in which an algorithmic master may be appropriate for you
  • Get the guys’ takes on what surprised them the most about the exercise. 

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