43: Math Rock and the Role of the Music Blog (Nikk Hunter – Fecking Bahamas)

43: Math Rock and the Role of the Music Blog (Nikk Hunter – Fecking Bahamas)

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What if there were people out there actively looking for artists like you in hopes of writing about your upcoming release and exploring the story behind your music? 

These people are called journalists. Ever hear of them? And some of them do exactly this. For music blogs. 

On this episode, Vadim interviews Nikk Hunter of Fecking Bahamas – his personal favorite math rock blog. 

Then, in the second part of the episode, Ben and Vadim embark on their first DIY showcase with Philly post-hardcore (and DIY) band Sleep Tactics. 

You will learn:

  • How Nikk and the crew at Fecking Bahamas started the music blog.
  • Why the roots of math rock (and punk) are very much DIY and how the journeys of bands in this sphere resemble those of today’s indie artists
  • The role of music blogs as curators for specific genres
  • How to approach blogs when submitting your own music (and what to avoid)
  • How to think about your content strategy and what Nikk calls “imaginative self-promotion”
  • A little bit about Math Rock: your new favorite genre
  • And more!

Fecking Bahamas

Nikk’s Music Recommendations:
Future Machines, Voronoi, Lac, Party Friends, Blastronaut, testa, and ilili

DIY Showcase Band:
Sleep Tactics – https://sleeptactics.bandcamp.com/album/s-t

Where to Find the Guys
The DIY Recording Guys Website – www.diyrecordingguys.com
Vadim’s Studio Site – Get your FREE test mix today! – https://calmfrogrecording.com
Benjamin’s Studio Site – https://dreamloudstudio.com
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