39: What is Impedance? The For Dummies by Dummies Episode

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Have you ever wondered why you can’t just plug your guitar directly into a mixing board? Or why everyone says you’re supposed to match the “ohms” of your amp to the ohms of your speaker cabinet? Or why your guitar sounds so small through a cable that’s 100 feet long? 

In this episode, Vadim and Ben talk about impedance – which is at the heart of the questions above. You will learn,

  • The first principles explanation of what impedance actually is
  • Why impedance mismatch is the origin story of the DI box
  • Why matching loads between a tube amp and a speaker cabinet is so important
  • Why passive guitar pick-ups can’t handle cable runs as long as active pick-up cables can
  • The tonal changes you may experience with an impedance mismatch between your instrument and the input device
  • The impedance mismatch that won’t break your amp…and the impedance mismatch that might
  • How to start thinking about connecting multiple speaker cabinets to your amp
  • Ben’s crazy story of trying to build a wall of bass cabinets in high school. Result? Unsuccessful. 
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