36: Music Marketing and Why You’re Doing It Wrong (Musician Indie Coalition)

36: Music Marketing and Why You’re Doing It Wrong (Musician Indie Coalition)

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How many times have seen this? You’re scrolling through social media and you see a post from somebody saying that their “album is finally out” and asking you to listen to it. 

Do you actually take the time to go listen to their album? If not, how come? 

Here’s the worst part: how many times have YOU tried to use the same strategy with your releases? 

You’ve worked hard. You’ve written songs you’re passionate about. It took a long time. 

Then you honed your DIY recording craft and materialized those songs out of your head and onto your computer hard drive. They’re finally ready to release.

This process has taken you many months and now no one will give your music the time of day! 

The truth is you never had a chance. You focused on music PROMOTION at the end of the process instead of focusing on music MARKETING from the beginning. 

On this episode Vadim talks to two industry insiders about this key difference and how to make it work for you. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Greg and T.J. (indie musicians themselves) got started in the music industry by working for industry legend Nile Rodgers 
  • Important revenue streams for indie artists in 2020
  • The importance of email marketing and why reliance on social media as a channel to your fans is dangerous
  • Why creating a context for your music is king, how to do it and why hardly anyone is doing it. 
  • What the true meaning (and importance) of “branding” is for a DIY musician
  • What a Signature Sales Story is and how developing one can help supercharge your career. 
  • And more!

Greg and T.J. have been incredibly generous and offered one of their fantastic courses to our community for FREE. Check out The Signature Sales Story

In addition, they’re offering 1 hour of FREE consultation. Just email them at contact@musicianindiecoalition.com.

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