34: Recording Bass Part 1: The Bass Tone Deep Dive

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Are you a bass player? Did you feel neglected over the last two weeks when Vadim did nothing but talk about recording heavy guitars? 

Fear not! Ben is here to save the day with part 1 of our mini-series on recording bass. 

In this episode Ben does a magnificent deep dive into the world of factors that affect bass tone. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why technique is even more important for bass tone than it is for guitar tone
  • When to use a pick and how using a pick can actually add some compression to your tone
  • How different bass designs affect tone – including some distinct tones from different manufacturers
  • 3 different categories of bass distortion and how to use them
  • The importance of a compressor in a bass signal chain and why it’s not really optional in most cases
  • The differences between tube amps and solid state amps
  • How much wattage you need in an amp (and why Ben needs to measure the power of his amps in megatons)
  • And more!

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