32: Heavy Guitars Part 1: Dialing in Heavy Tone from Scratch

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Has this ever happened to you? You decide to dial in a tone with your existing setup or with a new piece of gear you just got. You spend hours tweaking pedals, amp settings, mic placements, guitar settings, etc., only to find out that you were happier with your starting point tone than you are with where you ended up! Frustrated, you put the guitar back in its case and go fix a sandwich. Good ol’ reliable sandwiches. At least you can get THAT right. 

Dialing in heavy guitar tones can be super frustrating because of how many different parameters and factors are at play. 

What if there was a simpler way to build a tone step by step without second guessing yourself along the way? 

In this episode, Vadim takes you through his Guitar Tone Pyramid method for doing just that – including playing real examples from in-progress sessions. 

You will learn:

  • Why dialing in guitar tones can seem so challenging
  • What the role of the guitar actually is in a heavy song
  • What the Guitar Tone Pyramid is and how to use it
  • Why “minimizing processing” should be your goal and how to ensure that it is
  • How to approach amp settings in a logical way
  • The real role of overdrive and distortion pedals in a heavy tone and why you may not need one
  • Best practices of where to place time and pitch-based effects in your signal chain

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