31: How (and Why) to Care for Your Stringed Instruments

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Take a look at that guitar/bass/fiddle/violin/cello sitting in your bedroom. When was the last time you told it you loved it? The truth is, most of us probably don’t show our instruments the care that they deserve. Not only can this be problematic for getting the best tone and performance on your recordings, but it’s also a disservice to future generations because many of the tone-woods used in our instruments are endangered.

In this episode, Vadim and Ben talk to Joe Golden of Westmoreland String Workshop about care and maintenance for stringed instruments. 

You will learn:

  • Why maintaining your instrument is so important – even irrespective of improved tone
  • Why upgrading components in your existing instrument may be better than buying new
  • How to evaluate a used instrument you’re considering purchasing
  • Why humidity is so important to the health of an instrument and why not enough humidity may actually be worse than too much humidity
  • A quick hack for helping you save on string and fret costs
  • What a truss rod is and why you shouldn’t fear it
  • What mistake you may be making while winding your strings and how to fix it
  • What to consider when changing string gauge or tuning

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