29: Want Songwriting Superpowers? A Little Theory Will Help (Samori Coles)

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Music theory. Did you cringe when you read that? We often associate music theory with tedious piano lessons, classical music, or reading sheet music. It can be all of those things but it doesn’t have to be any of them! It turns out that knowing a little bit of theory can be a bit of a superpower for a songwriter – and music reading is not even required!

In this episode, Vadim talks to Samori Coles of Lil’ Drumma Boy Recordings and Home Studio Tutor about this topic. You will learn: 

  • How Samori has leveraged technology throughout his career to ensure longevity
  • What music theory is
  • Why you shouldn’t associate music theory with classical music 
  • Whether you need music theory to be a great a musician
  • How music theory can get you through writer’s block
  • An introduction to the circle of fifths and its use in pop music genres
  • What triads are and why they’re a good starting point for understanding the chords of a key
  • Why reading music is not critical to understanding music theory

Where to find Samori:
Philadelphia studio: https://ldb10.com/
Educational resources: https://homestudiotutor.com/
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