26: How to Not Screw Up Your Next Release (Kareem Guy)

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Kareem Guy started Keyz to the Game to help independent artists be smarter about the business side of their craft. 

On this episode you will learn:

  • Why you need to start preparing for music release even before you press record
  • Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) – What are they, why are they important, and how to get registered
  • What is a split sheet and why you definitely need to consider one before a release
  • Do you need to aspire to getting a record deal and, if so, when? 
  • The importance of catalog organization and some tools/strategies you can use
  • The importance of submitting your music to curated playlists
  • Why you should refocus from selling your music to selling your personality
  • The importance of TikTok in a social media strategy
  • Social media strategy – Where to get content ideas and how to keep from getting overwhelmed

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