18: How (And Why) to Treat Your Band as a Business (James Cross)

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On this episode:
– Should EVERY artist treat their band like a business? 
– Why SHOULD musicians care about treating their craft more like a business?
– What does a band business partnership look like and what are the different roles band members can play?
– When is the right time to consider drafting up a business partnership for your band?
– What are the revenue streams for bands in 2020 (both pre and during COVID)?
– Merchandise sale strategies
– What is the “1,000 fan theory”?
– What accounts for most of bands’ merch sales on tour?
– What apps and technology can you use to improve your business management?
– How and when to consider paid advertising for your band
– An AWESOME facebook post hack that will help you target your audience
– Why having a website is still important
– How to promote your release the right way and build momentum for your release
– How to use your time effectively during the pandemic to supercharge your band’s return to the live scene (whenever it happens).

James also asked that we encourage our listeners to reach out to him with any additional questions. You can email him at james@thebetterbandbureau.com


atVenu report James referenced during the show: https://www.atvenu.com/features/year-in-review-2019

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