17: Perfect Vocals Academy (John Burke)

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John Burke has made a career out of making vocals in various genres sound awesome and he’s recently started Perfect Vocals Academy to help DIY recording enthusiasts up their vocal recording game. 

In this episode Vadim talks to John about a LOT of vocal production techniques, including:

  • Choosing gear quickly on the day of the session
  • Riding the preamp as a technique for managing dynamic vocals during recording
  • Why a low signal level can actually be worse than a hot signal that even clips occasionally
  • Mental preparation for recording vocals
  • What is comping and what are some strategies for stitching together a great vocal take? 
  • How to produce vocal harmonies
  • Using Autotune. Should you and how? 

Check out John’s content at https://perfectvocalsacademy.com/ and follow him on Instagram @perfectvocalsacademy

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