13: Dialing in Guitar and Bass Tone

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1:00 – The guys’ secrets for dealing with quarantine
4:00 – Where the guys’ tone-chasing journery began
10:30 – The degrees of freedom in building a guitar tone and why it can seem so challenging
13:00 – Guitar picks
16:40 – Guitar types
21:30 – Strings
27:00 – Pickups
36:00 – Where the guys’ Pyramid Rule finally breaks down
37:00 – Amps
43:00 – Speakers and Speaker Cabinets
45:00 – Strategies for selecting gear
50:00 – Strategies for building a tone from scratch
57:00 – Reasons to us5e a boost or overdrive pedal in front of the amp
65:00 – How different frequencies distort on guitars
68:00 – Vadim’s not sexy but super effective trick for driving an amp
70:00 – Flat-wound vs Round-wound strings

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