12: How to Record with the Final Product in Mind

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0:40 – Ben’s new car
2:40 – Vadim’s first car – it wasn’t cool….or WAS it?
4:00 – Vadim’s escape from the studio – to the mountains!
9:00 – When your tones aren’t cooperating
14:00 – The risks with recording DI tones
15:30 – How your drum selection decisions affect tone and your end product
21:00 – Where to start when picking tones for your song
25:00 – The uncanny humility of the bass player
28:00 – How to quickly check whether your tones are helping or hindering each other
31:00 – The “frequency carving” myth
37:45 – Think twice before reaching for the “solo” button
41:00 – High Pass and Low Pass Filtering
46:30 – A visual analogy that will help you build your song and tones
50:00 – How (and why) to not drive yourself crazy with tone chasing

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