11: Prepare Like a Pro – Maximizing Productivity and Fun

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4:00 – Preparing for the day of the session from the artist’s perspective
14:00 – Vadim admits to a rare studio mistake!
18:00 – Tips for choosing the right engineer for your project (hint: these are also tips for being a good DIY engineer)
25:00 – Instrument preparation
26:00 – A point of contention! How often should you change your strings?
32:00 – We’re talking to you, vocalists. No fettucine alfredo before the session!
34:30 – Choosing the instrument tracking order and having a backup plan
43:00 – The importance of reference music
46:15 – Preparing from the engineer’s perspective
51:20 – Have a plan for punching in
54:30 – The importance of In-Ear Monitors (IEMs)

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