10: Recording and Editing Drums (Eddie Vessey)

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01:30 – Meet Eddie Vessey!
08:22 – The real reason that Ben got into recording
13:15 – Preparing for a drum recording session
18:30 – Mic setup
20:00 – Some ideas for managing room acoustics
24:00 – The importance of room mics and using a mono room mic
33:00 – Our first ever PSA
37:00 – What are “microphone phase problems” and how do you deal with them
44:00 – What is a “good” drum performance
48:00 – The importance of capturing “one-shots”
49:00 – What is sample replacement and when should you consider it?
53:00 – Editing drums
60:00 – Rapdid fire! Recording drums with 1 mic, 2 mics, and 4 mics
68:00 – The Entrpreneur Drummer and its mission: Helping session drummers turn their craft and passion into a business

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