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44: Comparing Different Mastering Options

The guys do blind testing of three different mastering options: DIY mastering, professional mastering, algorithm mastering to see if they can tell the difference!

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43: Math Rock and the Role of the Music Blog (Nikk Hunter – Fecking Bahamas)

Vadim chats with Nikk Hunter of the Fecking Bahamas blog on the evolving role of music blogs and music curation, math rock, how to approach blogs with your music...

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42: How to Make MIDI Sound Real

The guys discuss strategies for making MIDI-driven virtual instruments sound like the real thing and play examples that go both wonderfully right and horribly wrong.

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41: The Different Roles in a Recording Project

The guys discuss the different roles that DIY musicians have to play throughout the course of a recording project. Thinking clearly about these roles and drawing bright lines between...

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