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35: Recording Bass Part 2: Capturing the Perfect Bass Tone

In Part 2 of our deep dive on bass, we look at Ben's methodical approach to zeroing on a great recording setup and then blending his recorded tones together...

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34: Recording Bass Part 1: The Bass Tone Deep Dive

Ben leads the guys in a discussion on everything that contributes to a final, killer bass tone and how his own tone journey was shaped.

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33: Heavy Guitars Part 2: Recording Heavy Tones

In Part 2 of this heavy guitar mini-series Vadim takes you through recording the tones you dialed in - including the famed Fredman technique and how to make it...

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32: Heavy Guitars Part 1: Dialing in Heavy Tone from Scratch

In Part 1 of this heavy guitar mini-series Vadim takes you through a methodical process for dialing in heavy guitar tones from scratch.

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