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48: What is Phase (and How to Deal With it)

The guys explain the concept of phase in audio and talk about different techniques for checking and fixing phase issues - as well as why (and when) getting phase...

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47: So You Want to Produce Music for a Living?

The guys talk about their experiences running studios and trying to earn a living producing music - including the technical tricks they've picked up as a result.

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46: How Loud Should My Songs Be?

The guys talk about the infamous concept of "loudness" - explaining the basics, the history (and deescalation) of the "loudness wars" and what you need to know to make...

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45: How to Consistently Finish More Songs and Level Up Your Skills

Vadim talks about why the act of finishing a project is so crucial to leveling up your skills and shows you the SMART goals technique that makes consistently finishing...

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